Are you ready to get married? congratulations. However, if the affairs of the wedding ring still leave you confused and dizzy? Do not upset yet, here are 10 tips intelligently choose the right wedding ring so that you do not mistakenly later.

  1. Looking for references

We encourage you to come back often to ‘browse’ or seek to jewelry stores or simply see references on the Internet or magazines. We recommend that you should start looking for about two months before the wedding day arrived. So you will still have plenty of time to find the most suitable, thinking and of course look back wedding ring you want.

  1. Set a budget

The wedding ring is diverse price, depending on what the material is made of? Yellow gold, white gold, whether in addition to jewels and so on. You can prepare a budget according to your abilities and do not push yourself, due to a wedding there are many things more important than just a ring.

  1. Think of a plan 20 years ahead

Do not be afraid to look and be different, but you also have to make sure that the chosen wedding ring model is a model that they want you to wear a couple up to 20 years into the future. Would you expect a wedding only happens once in a lifetime, is not it?

  1. Select the model of a simple wedding ring and feels comfortable when worn

Many people advised to choose a white wedding ring with diamond shape is round. Because the shape is not angle can make the light look nicer.

  1. Do a final fitting

Measure the wedding ring when you’re calm conditions. Do not measure it at the time of the morning, because the fingers will usually be a little bit swollen, it’s because your body in the morning contains salts that are still stored from the previous night.

  1. Adjust the shape of the fingers

For those who have a form of the small finger advised not to choose a wedding ring that looks wide. Because it would be too outrageous to be seen.

  1. Choose a ring that is easy to clean

We recommend that you choose a ring model that is easy to clean so you can take care of itself. If you choose a ring style that looks pretty complicated, make sure the jewelry store where you bought the ring can provide maintenance and cleaning jewelry.

  1. Ring platinum

If you choose to wear a ring made from platinum, you should avoid to not wear it when doing heavy work, rough or when exercising, because platinum is quite easily scratched. Avoid anyway to wear a wedding ring like this when you are working with substances containing chlorine, such as bleach, cleaners or disinfectants that are usually contained in the pool.

  1. Choosing the right store

Choose a jewelry store that can provide services enlargement or downsizing rings, re-washing and polishing, so that does not bother you later. Read also about wedding ring and other in https://ensorings.com/

  1. Gold Content

Wedding rings are usually worn by the bride is 18 karat gold grading. Such gold yield 75% gold and the shape will not change when it is used in everyday activities. If you want to use 24-carat gold grading, should be avoided because it is less suitable to be used as a wedding ring because the size of 24 karats contain metals soft enough so that it will be easier to deform.

Similarly, 10 smart tips for choosing your wedding rings that are ready to be married. Good luck !