7 Smart Tips On Choosing Sexy Bridal Lingerie For The First Night

A smart woman knows which parts of the body need to be highlighted. That’s why here we present a special article containing tips on choosing sexy bridal lingerie. Sexy is not an option, it’s must Ladies!

The important rule of the dress is to show the best parts and hide the parts that can kill the confidence. Read the following full tips, and drive your man wild!

  1. If You Have Beautiful Rumps

Try lingerie with tight shorts model (boy shorts) then mix with a bra or a sexy corset. Do not forget to wear high heels, this will make the foot look longer. Also, apply baby oil to the buttocks and legs so that both parts are increasingly shiny and seductive.

  1. If You Have a Big Chest

Bigger chest sags more easily than small breasts. So if you have a big chest, choose a bra with a buffer. This will make the chest lift and challenge. If you do not want to wear a bra, can also wear a corset that fit the body shape. In order to look sexier, apply baby oil to the breast, especially the middle. Wear sexy purple, black or red lingerie and keep her from blinking.

  1. If You Want to Highlight the Section of the Chest

The corset is very effective for to lift the chest so it looks bigger and the hemispheres look deeper. Or if you want to make it more passionate, try a red color. No matter how to color your skin, red will make his heart beat fast.

Bored with red? Try white, black, purple, pink or other colors but with a transparent model. Also for example not transparent, try to find lingerie that has a low cleavage.

Also look for something that can make the sphere glistening. Do not forget to apply a soft fragrance in the area that will invite him to immediately to this section of the section.

  1. If You Have Long Legs

Be thankful for this, many women are jealous of the feet of other women. Any clothes will still look well worn, is not it?

If you want to highlight foot ladder, try to select lingerie with mini skirt model or lingerie clothes that show little buttocks. Do not forget to wear high heels. If you want to appear with accessories, can be combined with stockings and garter belt.

  1. If You Want To Hide Belly Folds

Fat, stomach folds, scars and cellulite often make women not confident to appear in front of her partner. Turn off the lamp? This is not a Ladies solution. Men are visual creatures who like to see the sexiness of their partner’s body. Regardless of the fatty stomach, most of the men still love to see the female body.

Still not confident? Instead of turning off the lights, choose a closed lingerie on the abdomen. Originally choose a model that is not transparent, missing is a problem around the abdomen.

But in the end, he will know when I take off my shirt. Hey, when he was “on fire”, trust me, he will not care about it all. Right?

  1. If Want to Look Graceful

Sexy is not always synonymous with showing off body shape. Doing a foot massage on the first night will also make you look sweet and sexy in her eyes. Yes, service and attention can make the situation more romantic.

If your husband prefers elegant and adult women in bed, try a kimono-style lingerie or an outer-dress inside. Lingerie model kimono or dress outer-dress in is also suitable for those who are still shy to show the sexy part of his body.

  1. If Want to Play with Imagination

What is your wildest imagination? Making Love with Sisters, police, or flight attendants? Perfect your imagination on your first night by choosing lingerie costume. For this one, the emphasis is not on highlighting your body parts, but on the game of imagination.

Additional Tips: If you really want to look super hot, try the first night outfit with bodystocking model. When you see your body in her sexy nets, it is guaranteed she will be tempted immediately.