Candles Can Help Any Space Come Alive

Any effective home design should take into account many varied factors. This includes each of the senses. Color can be used to help bring the space to life. Textured textiles can add a tactile feel that invites people inside. Using soft music can help people feel relaxed and calm. Another element is scent. A room that has inviting scents appeals to both the sense of smell and taste. Fortunately, there are many useful ways to add nice smells to any home. Baking things like bread and cookies helps spread wonderful aromas to many rooms in your home. Another fantastic way to help any room come alive with wonderful and inviting smells in any space is with the use of candles. These ancient items are also totally modern.

Your Great Memories

When looking for candles, my response is typically think about the kind of smells I really personally love. I like to think about how a certain smell can call up a specific memory. For example, someone as a small child may remember how they loved being outdoors during the fall and the fresh scent of pine. Someone else may remember how they have always loved the smell of food on the grill or the wonderfully juicy peach pie their grandmother baked during the summer. Each person has memories inside of them that are all about who they are and what is important to them. The right scent can help them tap into great childhood memories.

Choosing Scents

Another consideration when choosing scents are the colors used. Many candles today come in all sorts of wonderful colors. A candle that has a blueberry smell may a deep dark navy blue. Candles with lighter scents can come in a vast array of colors as well. When looking for candle colors, think about the colors in the room. Most people have all sorts of colors in the space from relaxing neutrals to brighter colors. Each person should aim for colors that mesh well with their existing colors and help bring them to life. When looking for colors in the home, keep in mind that colors in the candles, particularly if the candles are very large, can help add lots of color.

Creating a Seasonal Parade of Scents

For many homeowners, the ideal types of candles are those that take into account the seasons. For example, winter is generally a time of colors like silver and white as well as scents with a hint of cool. Warm up winter with bring red candles and scents like gingerbread that help make the indoors cozy and warm. Use candles during the spring to help bring in even more floral scents. A bowl of flowers benefits when placed near a candle with lots of flower scents. As spring turns to summer, bring out summer scents and colors like pale blue and yellow. Fall is the ideal time to turn again to bright colors. Let each season come to your home.