Definitely the Event of the Year

My wife and I, both being philanthropists, are always looking for the best fundraising events to attend. I could write up a list of the events we are both involved in, but that would probably come across as boorish behavior. Nonetheless, we do donate a lot of money to a constellation of worthy organizations, but we also feel we can do a lot more. In these times where the one percent can come across as snooty and out of touch, we like to think we are in tune with the needs of people who aren’t benefiting from the current economic system.

My wife heard from some friends that there is an event we haven’t heard about before, one benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs which we both know is a very worthy organization that helps out underprivileged youth. There is an organization presenting luxury goods the proceeds of which will benefit this group. We were both immediately interested and sought out more information. It appears to indeed be one of the best fundraising events of the year. We signed up to attend and looked forward to making a difference in the lives of those who don’t have great opportunities.

We quickly spread the word to our other friends and they too thought that it was a worthy cause worth attending. Just in our circle alone we’re thinking we can help them hit their goal rather quickly. We’ve got a Silicon Valley billionaire in our social circle and he’s expressed his willingness to travel with us to the event and is also promising to make some personal telephone calls to his buddies to see if he can get their support. All people with the means to do so should support this event in order to guarantee they have more events in the future.