Know the Type of Fabrics from India

Sari, or saree or commonly called Shari is a type of cloth worn by women in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sari is a garment made up of unbranded fabric strands. It has several variants between 4 to 5 meters that are well-worn with a variety of styles. This type of fabric is already widely known in various countries including Indonesia. This is due to the spread of Indian culture through a film or the arrival of Indian trade to Indonesia. This is one of the things that influence on the spread of Indian culture to Indonesia. Indian society still uses saris as their everyday clothes. Black sari cloth is used for the event of death, while the white color is used by the widow. The difference in color to characterize a woman’s identity.

Punjabi, a type of Indian outfit that is characteristic of Indian custom clothing. It consists of a long blouse, as well as a long cloth worn in his hand. With the existence of various fabrics produced in this country must make this country prioritize the quality of fabric produced. This is because the number of countries that use materials from the state of India as a staple in the manufacture of clothing and others that would require the fabric as a base material. This is because the material that comes from this country is a very durable material and high quality is valued. This is of course the reason many consumers choose the fabric of Indian origin.

Kurta, clothes worn by men who are long shirts to knees made of Customize Fabrics. India is a country that always has its own charm. Apart from the beautiful scenery and characteristic in the booming films in some countries, the distinctive Indian fabrics are also uniqueness that until now became a conversation in some areas. This is of course because the fabric of Indian origin has a remarkable beauty that is able to make anyone who sees it fascinated. In addition to the exceptionally beautiful fabric quality, another distinctive feature is the use of mute-mute found in the fabrics that are beautifully designed and designed.