Suit Fashion for Fall Weddings 2017

Fall weddings are becoming equally popular as Spring and Summer weddings. With the air chilled and the leaves changing, wedding colors and trends are changing as well. If your big day is planned for an Autumn month, you might desire to consider the colors chosen and the suit fashion to make the big day fashionable as well as special.

Hot Colors

This year has brought about a change in popular colors for autumn weddings. With browns and tans slowly making an exit, blues and burgundy hues are waving hello. Grays are also making a comeback with the switching of the seasons to provide a break in these cool and warm tones. Many of the suit styles are made with the gray hues in mind, but many bolder choices include burgundy or maroon suits with blue or gray ties to compliment the shade. Other suit colors include blue suits, either gray-blue or navy blue, with gray or burgundy tie.

Suit Styles

Typically, the suit styles do not tend to wander from the classic, but the fall brings about many bolder and unique looks to the wedding atmosphere. One of the more popular looks for 2017 is highlighted in Magnet Street in the Rustic section where they showcase a bow tie with a sport coat and without a vest. This vestless look has been slowly coming into the public eye. Many men are pairing a sport coat with either and bow tie or neck ties while leaving the vest behind. Another suit option for this Autumn is the vest only option. Many who get married in the early fall sometimes find the temperatures to be too warm for typical suits. In this instance, many are leaving behind the sports coat and wearing vests and ties only for their wedding ensemble.

Additional Pairings

Another important part of suit fashion for 2017 fall wedding trends is the additional pairings. Boutonnieres, shoes, and suspenders are all significant parts of the groom and groomsmen getup that complete the look for each wedding. This fall, many men will choose green items like leaves or even succulents to mix with the flowers for the boutonniere. With brides choosing the colors, many bright flowers are making history by mixing with the gray or navy suits. Take a look at this wedding found on The Knot. Some weddings go completely custom and may find some design ideas from this page.


Weddings are being scheduled for fall nowadays just as often as spring and summer. Many grooms are found wearing muted colors like navy blue, gray-blue, and even gray hued suits on the big day. Some, who are bolder, are even opting for a burgundy or maroon suit to make a statement. The combination of these colors, greenery, and bright fall flowers make a great addition to the wedding theme, whatever it may be. Custom suits are often the choice for these types of weddings, and it is typically up to the groom to decide which is more comfortable for the big day. Fall weddings are a popular choice for 2017, and the colors are perfect for the groom’s suit.