Suit Your Unique Style with the Bespoke Suit

Your clothing keeps you warm, comfortable, presentable and allows you to communicate your own sartorial message to the world. Be a man with a message when you wear outfits that are elegant, tailored, and highly original; an expression of the interior wit and intelligence manifested by the outward expression of fashionable sophistication. In a world of cookie-cutter looks, conformity, and clones, be your own person and craft your own style.

What Makes a Suit Special

What makes a suit special is the man who wears it. Of course, it should be noted that women can rock a quality suit too! A suit speaks of sophistication and style. It is the clothing that one reaches for during those special occasions: a wedding, a high-powered job interview, a get-together with friends and family. When you wear a custom-designed and well-crafted suit that is specially made for your body, you have the ease of movement and comfort often attributed to more casual clothing and the visual clout of the suit: power, prestige, and poise.

Bespoke, He Spoke

When you’re ready to take your image in hand, there is nothing like the bespoke suit to communicate your confidence and sartorial splendor. You are an original. Look like one! Bespoke can be surprisingly reasonable when you factor in the superior craftsmanship that lends longevity to a garment. From a single jacket to a wedding suit to the wardrobe you sport at work, customized clothing that fits you perfectly, is sensationally styled, and totally in line with your coloring, form, and personality allows you to speak volumes before you even say a word.

It’s a Material World

When you go to a quality tailor you can work in tandem with a profession to bring your vision to light. From lookbooks, samples, and stories, your new best friend can help you achieve your unique creation. My review here of tells of one shop that is helping the world look wonderful, one suit at a time. Located in San Francisco, this shop specializes in the sophisticated, on-trend, thoughtful and thought-provoking image-crafting that The City is famous for: urbane, urban, and delightfully witty and unique.

Wear It Again, Sam

While a totally new bespoke suit is fabulous, you can also find and repurpose a ready-made suit to totally fit your form, your personality, and the mood of the moment, or the event that it’s being shown off for and that will rock the room. From your father’s suit in which he wooed and wed your mother, to a re-sale treasure, to one of your own favorite suits, the garment can be restyled and modernized. We can build it better.

It has been said that clothing makes the man, but it is also true in this case that the man can make the clothing. The important things that make a man stand out are his poise and his personality, his character, and his integrity. A great suit is the wrapping on an outstanding gift.