Tips on Choosing Cosmetic Safe

Shown beautiful and attractive is the desire for every woman, and one way the women to always keep up appearances is how to use cosmetics. There are various forms of cosmetics offered by manufacturers, both whose function as bleach, facial moisturizer, eliminate acne, or just a facial trimmer just to look more attractive. Well, by the way about cosmetics, many of the women who are less aware that among the many cosmetic products on the market, some of which were indicated to contain harmful chemicals. Well, the ladies have to be careful, because this type of cosmetics have a very harmful effect on your body, among which can cause the skin feels hot and burned, dry skin and itchy. If you’re looking for the best beauty service industry, just contact Foxy Face.

To avoid these harmful products, you should be selective in choosing quality cosmetic products.

Include Manufacturer Name and Address

Legal and official cosmetic products, of course, always include the name and address of their company. In addition to indicating their official identity, the inclusion of the name and address of the manufacturer is also a form of corporate responsibility for the products they market.

It is certainly useful for consumers, which when the complaint of the product, the consumer can directly contact the company concerned, especially if the identity of the company there is a customer service contact number that is specifically tasked to handle consumer complaints.

Well, let me be safe, do not forget, make sure the identity of the company and contact numbers are listed on your cosmetic products.

Include an Expiration Date

Quality cosmetic products must have an expiration date that is usually listed on the product label. Therefore, before you buy cosmetics, check and make sure that the product has an expiration date. This is important because products that do not include expiration dates are feared will cause negative effects and harmful to your skin. Moreover, if in these products, have hazardous chemicals, usually these materials have a lifespan and certainly will be very dangerous if you use past expiration date.

Note the Composition of the Material

Currently, recognizing the composition of cosmetic ingredients is very important. Because of the fact that, among the many cosmetic products on the market, some of them contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin, such as mercury, phthalate, triclosan or sulfuric acid, hydroquinone, dyes and others. In addition, it is important for you who are Muslim, in cosmetics also contain animal substances derived from animals that are forbidden you know. Such as animal fatty material, collagen, elastin, placenta extract, amniotic (animal membrane), gelatin, and hormone derived from animal glands.

In addition, you can recognize the cosmetic content through smell, texture, and color. The smell of cosmetics that tend to rot, or smell too stingy, the color look too bright and looks unnatural tend to contain chemicals. You should consider before buying cosmetic products or consult the experts first to know what cosmetics products are safe to use.

Prioritize Natural Cosmetics

One of the safest ways to buy cosmetics is to buy cosmetic products made from natural. Natural ingredients, especially those made from herbs or plants, are more secure and safe for your skin than chemical products. In addition to more secure and have no side effects for the skin, natural cosmetics tend to produce a more natural beauty so more interesting for your appearance.

So, rather than complicated choosing cosmetic products with ingredients that are not clear the content, better switch to choose natural and natural. The result is more natural and certainly comfortable for your beautiful skin.