Top 3 Tips to Keep in Mind About Evening Gowns

Whether you’re going to a Christmas gala, family gathering, or a date, nothing says ‘I’m ready to party’ like an evening gown. A gown says a thousand words about your personality and how you carry yourself. The key is to maintain a balance between looking sexy yet elegant. For many confused souls out there, who are divided between wearing a glitzy number as opposed to a classic halter, we’re here to help you strike a balance. No one wears a gown for a walk in the park, hence here are a few tips to rock that gown with a dose of swag and style.

What kind of gown to wear?

You wouldn’t want to be caught in a shimmery and beady gown if you’re going for a dinner at your uncle’s. Opt for a cotton or silk gown with soft embroidery and minimalist jewellery. For a night of partying with friends, you can opt for a gown that has a bit of shimmer, tassels, and a non-conservative style made of fabrics like polyester. Make sure that the gown you choose lets you breathe in your skin and is comfortable enough for you to have a ‘hurrah!’ night.

There are only a few times in your life when you have to attend a high-class glamorous event. Reserve a monotone classic gown for an alluring and charismatic look. The trick is to go for sombre or pastel colours, as bright colours don’t exactly shout glitz and glam. Summery and outdoorsy gowns are usually shorter than your normal mill-of-the-run gowns. They aren’t designed for anything other than comfort and a casual outing. These are a favourite as these breezy numbers and ladies long tops can be worn to work, luncheons and yes, a casual walk in the park as well.


Accessorizing in the right proportions will add that oomph factor to your look. Never wear both earrings and necklace together unless you are the host of the party. The rule is to not go overboard while accessorizing. A pair of magnificent danglers and a charming bracelet will amp up the gown. If you’re not a fan of danglers then you can skip them, wear your hair down and add a heavy neckpiece. Have fun with your fashion, but just don’t end up delivering a faux pas.

But the buck doesn’t stop here. What you put on your feet matters as well. If you’re wearing a floor-length gown, then your shoes won’t show much, but if you plan on sporting a summer dress, a pair of flats would go well with your comfort clothing. More often than not, flats don’t go well with party gowns. So, make sure you have a pair of stilettos or peep toes handy. In case you’re not a heels person then go for kitten heels or wedges.

Kill them with confidence

You may be dressed from top to bottom in your best, but if you lack confidence then the whole look will drop dead like a hot potato. Wear your confidence in your smile. Lastly, don’t slouch and maintain a straight posture for full effect. Your stance and poise will say a lot more about you than your evening gown.