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There are numerous advantages that come with having a rainwater tank at your home or your business backyard. Installing one at your homestead brings with it the advantage of avoiding water restrictions or rationing in most of the countries. Shortage of water happening in most towns in the world due to shortage of water. Climate change and its dangerous effects, has resulted to this problem of water shortage on the globe, calling for a mitigation measures. collecting adequate water during the rain reason using rainwater tanks will solve water shortage issues. Many global manufacturers have made different kinds of rainwater tanks are they are available in shops across the world. Currently, the world has recognized the impact of technology and these tanks can be ordered and shipped from anywhere in the world through the use of internet. It is therefore clear that nobody should have an excuse for not owning a rainwater tank unless you can not afford.

The size of the tank, the shapes, kind installation, material used to make and the purpose determines the type of the rainwater tank. Factories manufacturing the rainwater tanks use plastics, metals and also concrete. plastics rainwater tanks are affordable and can be transported and installed with easy. People who are not staying permanent resident will prefer the plastics rainwater tanks because of their convenience though they not durable as concrete or steel made tanks. The heavy metallic and durable tanks come with higher cost than the plastics one. Those living in permanent or long-term resident it is convenient to use the durable concrete or metallic rainwater tanks. Slimline tank is one of the many types of rainwater tanks installed in places with limited space.

Underneath tanks or the concrete tanks are typically concrete made and therefore they will require the help of professional to install it. Aboveground tank- they are either plastic or metallic made. Aboveground rainwater tanks are cheaper compared to concrete one and they can be installed with ease. The cost , installation and transportation of light-weighted polyethylene rainwater tanks is quite affordable water challenge in many part of African countries and Australia is big problem making the demand for water conservation very high, this increasing the demand for water conservation tanks and the conservation knowledge and skills. Also for those aiming to pump water from one place to another for instance , doing irrigation, these companies selling tanks have the best knowledge of the type of water pump that you can afford and of course the pump that will suit your business size.

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