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The Advantages of Laser vs. Traditional Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal relaxation isn’t exactly a topic women people like talking about. So you likely don’t know that thousands of women each year get treated for the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of weakened vaginal muscles. Decreased libido, urinary incontinence, vaginal bulges and loose skin can all erode your self-confidence.

If you’re bothered by vaginal relaxation, the answer to your problem could be vaginal rejuvenation surgery. You may have considered this before, except that you found it intimidating to have surgery on a most delicate area of of your body. A gentle yet very precise procedure known as laser vaginal rejuvenation is now possible.

What Exactly Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Age, giving birth and dramatic weight loss are all contributory to poorly supported vaginal structures, which are characterized by discomfort ,laxity and sagging. Vaginal rejuvenation means strengthening and tightening the vaginal walls, thus improving muscle tone and restoring contour.

The procedure involves removal of excess tissue and tightening vaginal walls with sutures. If needed, labiaplasty, which reshapes and remodels the vagina’s inner or outer lips, may also be performed. Women who have undergone vaginal rejuvenation mostly report greater sexual satisfaction as a result of the procedure.

The Advantages of Laser Precision

Compared to the use of a traditional surgical instrument, such as a scalpel, using a laser gives the surgeon the ability to make more precise and controlled cuts through delicate tissue. Because of this, the procedure is practically bloodless, and healing becomes easier and faster for the body.

How It’s Done

Laser vaginal rejuvenation can usually be completed in an hour or two, and only a local anesthetic is often required. That means you will be allowed to go home on the same day, and you can get back to work within a week’s time. For most women who had undergone vaginal rejuvenation, recovering from the procedure was easier than from giving birth. Provided there are no complications, sexual activity can be resumed and the benefits of the surgery can be experienced in less than 60 days.

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation for You?

Only you and your doctor can decide whether you are a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all treatment. But if sex has ceased to be enjoyable for you, if your vagina has lost elasticity or if you just feel embarrassed about how it looks down there, then vaginal rejuvenation could be the answer. Don’t let fear keep you from living the life you want. But of course, you have to do your research before deciding on a surgeon to go with.

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